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AUDIO: AMPI reports $2 billion in sales
Dairy co-op advocates support for family farms

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (March 26, 2012) — Associated Milk Producers Inc. (AMPI) set a record last year with $2 billion in sales. According to AMPI President and Chief Executive Officer Ed Welch, 2011 was the fifth consecutive year of growth in consumer-packaged products. The cheese-packaging plant in Portage, Wisconsin, and the butter plant in New Ulm, Minnesota, delivered significant contributions to the bottom line.

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The AMPI Annual Meeting is underway today and tomorrow in Bloomington, Minnesota. At the meeting, AMPI delegates will finalize dairy policy recommendations. Board Chairman Steve Schlangen says AMPI wants dairy policy...
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AMPI has long supported dairy policy that includes growth management. When included in the new farm bill, Schlangen believes that policy will reduce market volatility.  Schlangen, who is a dairy farmer from Albany, Minnesota, says the dairy industry also recognizes the budget pressures facing the federal government.
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Again, the AMPI Annual Meeting is underway in Bloomington, Minnesota.
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