Policy Agenda

  • Support a Federal Milk Marketing Order system that treats all U.S. dairy farmers fairly regardless of the location where milk is produced, or the product type or class within which milk is utilized.
  • Advocate for dairy trade agreements that benefit the U.S. dairy industry.
  • Support immigration reform that does not adversely affect dairy farmers.
  • Promote the integrity of dairy products through standards of identity. Vigorously oppose the use of dairy terms in the marketing of imitation dairy products.
  • Support child nutrition legislation that encourages utilization of dairy’s unique nutritional benefits in school meal programs. Advocate for the return of whole milk to school lunch menus.
  • Oppose efforts to restrict U.S. dairy production and exports through use of overly restrictive geographical indications (GIs), or protected food names.
  • Encourage the development of policies that support the voluntary reduction of environmental emissions, such as greenhouse gases and nutrient runoff, through market-based economic incentives and climate-smart agricultural programs.
  • Support the use of consistent environmental standards between all governmental agencies. Any regulations should consider practical methods of maintaining environmental quality consistent with efficient and economical dairy farming and manufacturing operations.
  • Preserve the countercyclical structure of federal dairy safety net programs, assuring they support dairy farmers — not just milk volume. Support administration of the Dairy Margin Coverage program.
  • Underscore the dairy industry’s commitment to producing high- quality milk and dairy products begins with responsible care of animals and natural resources.

Approved by the AMPI Board of Directors
January 2022

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