Owned by dairy farmers, AMPI brings nature's food to your table. We believe what we're made of is as important as the products we make. At AMPI, we're genuine by nature. Take a look to see and hear what we mean, and learn more about the butter-making process at AMPI.

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Designed for direct distribution to retail markets such as grocery
and convenience stores.

      1 pound Quarters
      1 pound Quarters, unsalted   


The most economical way to use butter in cooking and baking
applications. Customers will taste the difference.
      1 lb Solids
      1 lb Solids, unsalted


Sealed cups offer portion control without waste or labor. These
re-servable cups are perfect for table-top applications.

      8 lb Soft Cups, 90 count
      8 lb Whipped Cups, 90 count    



For easier spreading and melting, offer the distinctive taste of butter in a whipped form.
      5 lb Whipped Buckets
      3 lb Whipped Buckets
      8 oz Whipped Tubs


Click here for a pdf version of the butter products we have available.

AMPI butter is available for wholesale and bulk purchases. For more information, please contact the AMPI marketing department at 507-354-8295.

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